Sunday, November 27, 2011

Leading Stock & Market Analysis

The Leading Stock Analysis Section has been updated. The list is a fantastic starting point for research.

The Stock Market continues to act within historical norms for the first pullback after a potential bottom, as scary as it all seems.  That by no means is a leading reason to run into positions.  If a long setup appears on one of the Leading Stock Analysis stocks, no reason not to test the waters if the setup is tight. Many Leading Stocks continue to act fine, while the others that ran up too fast off the bottom appear to be starting newer, tighter, bases.  These will take time to form.

Full Stock Market analysis tomorrow.  For now, review the Leading Stocks for possible setups.  Watch the currently expected large gap up in the morning.  Be patient.  Headline Risk will be huge.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

New Bull Market & Our New Leading Stock Analysis Section

The bull market is back.  It will need to pause preferably a little more before getting aggressive with positions.  Too many stock have run sharply, in many cases 30%+, in too short of time, but on very strong volume.  The number of long setups has jumped significantly in the last 3 weeks in almost every sector.  Leading stocks that have broken out, have done so on strong volume and recently pulling back in an orderly manner on very soft volume.  The environment is excellent for long setup swing traders.  Based on history and time of year, we should pause over the next 2 - 3 weeks and resume the rally into the New Year.  Large capitalization stocks should take charge of this rally within a few months.

We're happy to add a new section, for a limited time, Leading Stocks Analysis.  It is my full analysis with my full list of stocks and current ranks (1's & 2's are similar, but the 1's are closer to buy or add points).  You will find that the analysis will pick up the majority of high growth stock big winners.  Enjoy