Phone/Skype Portfolio and Market Review

The majority of investors/traders suffer from the same problem. Having a professional investor or trader to talk to and discuss current market conditions, portfolio holdings, or just for emotional support in uncertain times. 

A lack of professional guidance leads to over trading, selling or buying too early, or simply turning gun shy at critical market turning points. Costing investors/traders time to profit from strong market trends or holding positions too long and watching their profits vanish, or even worse, turn to losses.

During the call we discuss current market conditions, questions regarding current portfolio holdings or new investing/trading ideas, or anything any other questions or concerns. Giving the investor/trader confidence in approaching the market under any market conditions.

Service Fee:

$200/hour - The hour can be broken into 15/30 minute segments.

$600/month - 4 hours. Time can be broken down into any combination of 15/30/60 minute segments. 

Email to schedule an appointment or schedule an appointment between 11:00 - 2:00 PM below:

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