About Us

Gennady Kupershteyn has been in the financial services industry since 1997. Since 2000 he has been a professional trader and serves as a trading mentor and portfolio adviser. His experience includes building and managing four successful trading desks in California, New York and New Jersey. He has trained hundreds of professional traders in day and swing trading. Presently, Gennady utilizes a combination of vast historical studies of individual stocks, technical analysis and market fundamentals to determine appropriate risk / reward ratios for employing optimal equity trading strategies. Prior to becoming a professional equity trader, Gennady served as a Floating Manager in the Domestic and Offshore Hedge Fund Group at Alliance Capital.

Specialties: Equity and Option's Analysis and Trading - Fundamental and Technical

If you are interested in our mentoring, coaching, or advising services, contact us at Gennady@Kupershteyn.com for pricing information.