Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Stocks Poised to Implode on Earnings This Week

Gilead Sciences (GILD) is reporting earnings Wednesday, July 23rd, after hours. The company has beaten earnings expectations over the last three quarters and analysts have revised the current quarters earnings estimates over 50% higher in the last ninety days. Margins are at multi-year highs and earnings are expected to grow 79% and sales 35% over the next three years.

Despite the market rally and beating earnings estimates the last two quarters by 10% and 62% respectively, the stock has failed to make much progress since the beginning of the year. It recently broke out of a late stage, v-shaped cup and handle base in below average volume. Since the breakout, the stock has been trading wildly with several above average distribution days, but has managed to hold the twenty day moving average.

The stock is up over 400% in two years and expectations are extremely high. Considering the late stage, v-shaped base, poor price volume action since the breakout, and lofty expectations, an earnings report that fails to amaze the street, will be met with major selling and potentially see the stock trade down below the two hundred day moving average.

Amazon (AMZN) is reporting earnings on Thursday, July 24th, after hours. The company has missed earnings estimates significantly in two out of the last four quarters and analysts have revised their expectations downwards. They now expect the company to report a loss of .15, down from an expected gain 90 days ago, and sales growth of 23%. Long term, the company is expected to grow earnings and sales, 125% and 21% over the next three years.

While the market has been making new fifty two week and all time highs, the stock has been forming a cup shaped base for the better part of this year. Volume is picking up as the stock climbs the right side of the cup, a positive sign, but the majority of the pattern has been formed below the two hundred day moving average, a major negative.

Expectations have been ratcheted down so much over the last few months, that a beat on the top and bottom line, with margin improvement, could launch the stock over $400. But, a miss, especially on the top line and margins, would send investors for the exits and the stock could be down over 10+% in after hours.

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